Our Mission — To develop and construct quality projects, maintain open and honest communication, and build good relationships with our partners, customers, and vendors.

Led by a team of skilled civil engineers, H&M Builders is a full-service construction company with proven expertise in general contracting and shell construction.

With over 60 years of combined experience, H&M credits its success to its commitment to meeting all customer structural, aesthetic, and financial needs. The H&M team has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, durable infrastructures over and over again.

Following the lead of the family patriarch, Mr. Herbert Dornbusch — who founded the Colombian construction company, Dorco, in the 1950s and has since built over 40M square-feet of commercial and residential property — father-son team Harry and Joey Dornbusch created H&M to bring his vision to the United States. Keeping that close relationship alive through all facets of the company, H&M regards its clients and associates as family; and as a result, takes pride in being reliable, honest and efficient in all of its pursuits.

  • 1. Be honest and ethical.
  • 2. Work hard, smart, and efficiently.
  • 3. Earn success through strong and trusting business relationships.
  • 4. Be open to new ideas and adapt to varying needs.
  • 5. Keep an unbiased perspective when evaluating situations.
  • 6. Be aware of all possible options to produce the best end result.


Harry Dornbusch


As an active member of the real estate community for more than 25 years, Harry Dornbusch is responsible for developing a combined total of 10M square-feet of property in Colombia, Venezuela, and Florida. First earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with honors, Mr. Dornbusch later went on to attain a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

His portfolio of success includes multiple office, industrial, retail and multi-family development projects — like Whispering Woods Center, Palmetto Center, Stirling Business Center, Hallandale Plaza, and Beacon Tower of Aventura. Outside of the world of real estate development, Mr. Dornbusch also founded Matelfer C.A., a leading construction supply distributor in Venezuela, which he continues to run today.

Joey Dornbusch

Vice President

As a Project Manager for H&M Builders, Joey Dornbusch handles everything from scheduling and site management, to permits, planning, and contractor coordination. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology — with a focus on process, operations, and construction management — Mr. Dornbusch

 has since led many multimillion construction projects from inception to completion.

He prides himself on his ability to meet client needs according to schedule and budget, and values teamwork, positivity, focus, and efficiency in all H&M pursuits.

Simona Muresan

Executive Manager

Coming from eight years experience in international economics and management, Simona Muresan is an expert in domestic and foreign accounting, auditing, and customer coordination. Graduating at the top of her class with a Master’s in Finances and Financial Strategies of Companies from the West University of Timisoara, in Romania, Mrs. Muresan went on to manage and implement

new accounting practices for both Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Valeo Lighting Assembly.

In addition to her professional success, she is proficient in five languages — Romanian, English, French, Spanish and Italian — and was a silver medalist at both the 1997 and 2003 Romanian National Chess Tournaments.

Ward Farren

Director of Construction

Ward’s experience ranges from all pre-construction and estimating activities with an emphasis on estimating, value engineering, procurement and construction planning through all project management activities including contract negotiation, executing the construction, managing trade buyout and material procurement, site logistics and scheduling, working closely with the clients to keep the projects on budget and on schedule.

Ward brings more than 30 years of construction experience and a reputation for producing the highest quality work.

As Director of Construction Ward works closely with the clients, project teams, design teams and subcontractors to render construction management services that meet the needs of the clients, as well as the project. Ward’s vast experience ranges from new construction and major renovations to complex additions to existing structures in the areas of high rise commercial, mixed use, hospitality and luxury residential construction.